Hawai‘i Wildlife Center Programs

Hawai‘i Wildlife Center Programs

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HWC Wildlife Hospital

HAWH_perch2_2.24.15 CROPPEDThe HWC provides quality, professional care and rehabilitation to sick and injured native birds and bats from throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago. The cases received at the Center are extremely diverse. The Hawai‘i Wildlife Center Wildlife Hospital serves all Hawaiian Islands. 

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Emergency Response

Oiled Sooty ShearwaterThe Hawai‘i Wildlife Center is the first and only facility in the Pacific Islands equipped with the facilities and expertise to respond to birds affected by oil spills, disease outbreaks and natural disasters. HWC is committed to best response protocols to ensure the safety of both the affected wildlife and the public.

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Conservation Programs

Laysan Duck ProjectHWC provides assistance with hands-on capture, handling, husbandry and first response, both in the field and out of the field, for conservation projects aimed at reversing the extinction trend in Hawaii’s native wildlife species. HWC focuses on collaborations and has assisted projects throughout the Pacific Islands including projects on Palmyra, Midway, Kure Atoll, Laysan, Guam, Saipan, and the main Hawaiian Islands.

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Training and Research

wildlife trainingHWC provides wildlife response consultation and wildlife response training courses throughout the Pacific Islands region. These courses include: Wildlife Rehabilitation Training, Nene Husbandry, Wildlife Handling Training and Protocol Development, Avian Botulism Response, Oiled Wildlife Response, and Downed Seabird Response Training. Training programs are tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs. HWC also has the capability to assist with native species research. Recent collaborations include seabird genetics, plastics in seabirds and rodenticide studies.

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Education and Outreach

The conservation, education and outreach focus of HWC takes a wide approach and incorporates native species conservation, biological sciences, native ecosystems, conservation careers, professional training and student internships. HWC is a frequent participant and exhibitor at many community outreach events and has completed a master plan for a native wildlife discovery and science center on the HWC premises. Educational programs at the HWC facility are currently offered on a limited, case-by-base basis.

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