HWC Ambassador Program

HWC Ambassador Program


Cara Goodrich

Aston Hotels & Resorts

“Inspired by my daughter’s love for birds and wildlife, we took a Hawaii Forest & Trail birdwatching tour on our first “girls retreat” to the Big Island, visiting the Hawaii Wildlife Center just before its soft opening.  I learned all about the Center’s mission and discovered that I had gotten caught up in the “rat race”, realizing that that there are many things that I personally had taken for granted.  After this experience I realized that the perpetuation of knowledge in Hawaii’s flora, fauna, wildlife, and protecting, conserving, aiding in the recovery of Hawaii’s native wildlife is something special and priceless to pass on to the next generation and the generations to come.  The Hawaii Wildlife Center has a great new facility built from Linda Elliott’s seed of knowledge, dedication, and passion and the Center’s mission to educate, rescue and care for Hawaii’s native wildlife is a great mission that needs the support of many.   If I can make one significant imprint in the future of this wonderful organization, I will contribute in a way that will help make Hawaii a better place.”

Pete Hendricks

Former HWC Board Member, University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant Program, State of Hawai‘i Division of Aquatic Resources

Rhoady Lee

Rhoady Lee Architecture & Design

“The Hawaiian archipelago reveals how fragile the world’s ecology and species are to environmental threats.  When I learned of the Hawaii Wildlife Center’s mission and educational efforts, and the knowledge and dedication of its director, Linda Elliott, I felt compelled to contribute what I could to making the Center a reality.  I am pleased that the HWC is now a reality and am very proud to have helped.”

Diane Orenstein

Taxes, etc. 

William Ruhl

Ruhl Walker Architects

“It has been such an honor to be part of the pro bono design and engineering team for the Hawai’i Wildlife Center these last five years, as well as one of the greatest JOYS of my personal and professional life.  Working as an architect on such an important project and in such a breathtakingly beautiful place has been a true labor of love, and I will never forget all of the design and engineering meetings that took place on or near the beach, in the shade while the humpback whales breached in the background… I will also never forget the true feeling of aloha within the team as well as with the broader community.  I look forward to continuing to help the HWC as it develops to its full potential over the years!”

Aaron Spielman

Rhoady Lee Architecture & Design

“I was born and raised on Hawaii Island, a powerful place that has instilled in me a belief in the importance of Hawaiian cultural values. The Hawaii Wildlife Center reflects many of these values, epitomized by the wide spectrum of continued participation. Malama kekahi i kekahi (Take care of one another), and Pupukahi i holomua (Unite to move forward) are indicative of the collaboration and sweat equity involved in making this project a reality. Working with a dedicated team to provide a vital asset for both the local community and the State of Hawaii has added immeasurable value to the project, has established a progressive baseline for future assets, and has encouraged improved resource management for sustainable construction. I am honored to be a small part of the Hawaii Wildlife Center, which reflects important values in its mission to protect, conserve, and aid in the recovery of Hawaii’s native wildlife.”