The Hawai‘i Wildlife Center’s new main facility is purpose-built, 4500 ft2, sits on two acres, and operates seven days a week.  The HWC facility consists of three integrated sub-facilities, operating seven days per week year-round.  The building is also easily accessed by road and air and ensures the most effective response to sick or injured native wildlife.

Treatment Facility

A state-of-the-art native wildlife recovery facility including animal intake, isolation and holding areas, wash and dry rooms for cleaning oiled and contaminated wildlife, laboratory, hospital, recovery yard with conditioning aviaries and pools, laundry, mechanical room, storage, food prep area, offices and public bathrooms. 

As birds are delivered to the HWC, the HWC will collect details of capture and injury. Records will be kept and reports will be made consistent with Federal and State permits, and for medical care.  Animals will receive care based on their individual recovery treatment programs for a few weeks, or up to several months. This involves up to ten hours a day for feeding, medical care, caging development, exercise, and behavior monitoring and enhancement.  In addition, the HWC has the capacity to conduct or host on-going research on the natural history, husbandry care, and treatments for native species.

Ho‘opulama Science and Discovery Center

A graceful open air greeting, staging and rest area that features interpretive exhibits, public outreach, and shelter for visitors. 

The interpretive courtyard of the Hawai‘i Wildlife Center has been thoughtfully designed to provide a high quality, aesthetic, and informative experience for visitors and residents, with the intent to increase awareness of Hawaiian wildlife and the role that care and rehabilitation play in conservation. 

Education Pavilion

A spacious pavilion for educational presentations, visitor orientation, meetings, lectures, professional seminars, and scheduled use by HWC staff, tour groups, and Hawai’i residents.  

The education pavilion provides the opportunity to take advantage of an excellent collaborative space.  The pavilion allows the HWC and its partners to offer presentations on topics of interest as well as fun and educational events for visitors of all ages.  If you are interested in using the HWC education pavilion for an event, please contact us.

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