HWC Qualifications

HWC Qualifications

The HWC is an operational member of the Hawai‘i Area Committee for coordinated oil spill response and has provided leadership and technical assistance to several projects and response efforts including:

  • Layan duck translocation in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
  • Avian Botulism disease outbreak response on Midway & Kure Atolls
  • Save our Shearwaters program on Kaua‘i
  • Koloa habitat program on Hawai‘i Island
  • Nene relocation on Kaua‘i
  • Maui Nui Seabird Recovery Project
  • Manu o Ku Soft Release Project
  • Oahu Seabird Aid

Linda Elliott, HWC President and Center Director, is widely recognized for her regional and international experience in contingency planning, wildlife response and rehabilitation, having spent over 20 years as a wildlife rehabilitator, certified oiled wildlife responder, international wildlife responder, emergency response manager and educator.  Linda has performed this work worldwide for over 10 years, with her on-call work often taking months to complete. Linda has directed and supervised oil spill response missions for agencies ranging from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to the U.S. Navy. Her work has taken her as far afield as Spain, South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands.

Log of Oil Spill Response Missions: Linda Elliott


Spill Responses Managed or Directed by Linda Elliott:

1. Metrolink, Long Beach, California Feb. 1995 130 hours IBRRC Supervisor
2. Pribilof Islands/Citrus, Alaska Feb.-Mar. 1996 195 hours IBRRC Supervisor
3. Waiau Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii May-Jun. 1996 195 hours IBRRC/Chevron Director
4. Cordigliera, Port Elizabeth, South Africa Nov.1996-Jan. 1997 400 hours IBRRC/IFAW Supervisor
5. Santa Cruz fish/vegetable oil,California Oct.-Dec. 1997 260 hours IBRRC Supervisor
6. Pt. Reyes Mystery spill #2, California Dec. 1997-Mar. 1998 260 hours IBRRC Supervisor
7. SPM Hose spill, Oahu, Hawaii Sept.-Oct. 1998 520 hours IBRRC/Tesoro Director
8. New Carissa, Coos Bay, Waldport, Oregon Feb.-Mar. 1999 195 hours IBRRC Supervisor
9. Stuyvesant, Humbolt Bay, California Sept. 1999 195 hours IBRRC Supervisor
10. BEI Sulfuric Acid spill, Oahu, Hawaii Dec. 1999 130 hours IBRRC/BEI Director
11. Erika, Brittany, France Jan. 2000 195 hours IFAW/IBRRC Supervisor
12. Treasure, Cape Town, South Africa Jun.-Sept. 2000 650 hours IFAW/IBRRC Director
13. Jessica, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Jan. 2001 195 hours IFAW/IBRRC Director
14. Ehime Maru #1, Oahu, Hawaii Feb. 2001 130 hours IBRRC/Navy Director
15. Ehime Maru #2, Oahu, Hawaii Aug.-Oct. 2001 390 hours IBRRC/Navy Director
16. Prestige, Galicia, Spain Nov.2002 -Jan.2003 390 hours IFAW/IBRRC Supervisor
17. Wabamun Lake, Alberta, Canada Aug.-Sept. 2005 450 hours FOCUS WILDLIFE Supervisor
18.  Marshall Pipeline Leak, Michigan Jul.-Nov. 2010 400 hours FOCUS WILDLIFE Supervisor


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