Ae‘o (Hawaiian Stilt) Rehabilitation

Ae‘o (Hawaiian Stilt) Rehabilitation

The Hawaiian Stilt or Ae‘o, is an endangered species that feeds in shallow waters or the muddy shores of ponds. They can be found throughout the Hawaiian Islands, typically in wetlands or along the ocean shore. Habitat loss, predation from introduced mammals (feral cats, mongoose, dogs, etc.), and avian botulism are large threats to the health of stilt populations throughout the islands. 

Ae‘o are delicate birds with remarkable features – from their long slender beaks to their characteristic pink legs. The Hawai‘i Wildlife Center has cared for both adult and baby Ae‘o at our facility. The Ae‘o chick that was in our care was especially fascinating because it was rescued so young and we got to watch it grow up at HWC. 

How you can help

Control predators in areas where Ae‘o live and forage

Volunteer to help with wetland restoration projects

Admire from a distance and do not disturb Ae‘o as they feed or tend to their young

Support the care of Ae‘o patients