Wings for Wildlife Air Rescue Team

Wings for Wildlife Air Rescue Team

We receive sick and injured animals from throughout the state and are looking for pilots to assist with wildlife rescue missions by joining our volunteer air transport team.

Rescue Mission

HWC is located on Hawai‘i Island. When we receive a call about a sick or injured animal from a neighbor island, we put the call out to our rescue team to see who is available and able fly the animal to Upolu Airport just minutes from our facility. If a rehabilitated bird needs to return to its island of origin for release, we also put the call out to our rescue team to fly the bird home.

Whether you accept the mission is completely dependent on your availability. The bird will already be prepped for transport upon pickup and we take care of all the State and Federal paperwork. After each mission you will receive a rescue certificate acknowledging your contribution.

For more information or to join the Wings for Wildlife team, please contact us!

(808) 884-5000

If you’d like to participate in ground transport as well, consider joining our Wheels for Wildlife team too!

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