Native Species List

Native Species List

Species names are linked to fact sheets created by the State of Hawai‘i Division of Forestry and Wildlife.

What makes a species native? Find out here.

To see which species are currently Federally listed as Threatened or Endangered, take a look at its fact sheet or visit the U.S. FWS Endangered Species Program website.


Laysan AlbatrossBlack-footed Albatross • Short-tailed AlbatrossHawaiian PetrelBulwer’s PetrelBonin PetrelTristram’s (Sooty) Storm PetrelWedge-Tailed ShearwaterChristmas ShearwaterNewell’s ShearwaterBand-rumped Storm PetrelWhite-tailed TropicbirdRed-tailed TropicbirdMasked BoobyBrown BoobyRed-footed BoobyGreat FrigatebirdGray-backed TernSooty TernBrown NoddyHawaiian NoddyBlue-gray NoddyWhite Tern • Pomarine Jaeger


Pacific Golden PloverWandering TattlerBristle-thighed CurlewRuddy TurnstoneSandering • Long-billed Dowitcher


Pied-billed Grebe • Black-crowned Night Heron • Fulvous Whistling Duck • NeneHawaiian DuckLaysan DuckHawaiian CootHawaiian MoorhenHawaiian StiltAmerican WigeonNorthern ShovelerNorthern Pintail • Greater Scaup • Lesser Scaup

Birds of Prey


Forest Birds

‘AlalāHawai‘i ‘ElepaioO‘ahu ‘ElepaioKaua‘i ‘ElepaioKāma‘o • ‘Ōma‘oOloma‘o • PuaiohiPalila‘Akakane‘Akeke‘eMaui ‘Akepa‘AnianiauKaua‘i ‘AmakihiO‘ahu ‘AmakihiHawai‘i ‘Amakihi • Maui ‘Amakihi (Considered Hawai‘i ‘Amakihi) • ‘Akiapōlā‘auKaua‘i CreeperHawai‘i CreeperMaui Creeper • Oahu CreeperMaui Parrotbill (Kiwikiu)‘Apapane‘I‘iwi‘AkohekoheNihoa MillerbirdNihoa FinchLaysan Finch

Hawaiian Hoary Bat