Hawai‘i Wildlife Center Wildlife Hospital

Hawai‘i Wildlife Center Wildlife Hospital

The HWC Wildlife Hospital is dedicated to providing professional, quality wildlife care that meets and exceeds national standards. HWC is a fully-permitted wildlife rehabilitation facility and works collaboratively with state and federal agencies as well as other wildlife organizations. HWC also works with a team of pro-bono and consultant veterinarians both locally, statewide and nationally to ensure the best achievable medical care for our wildlife patients. Our primary care veterinarian is Dr. Juan Guerra, Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager. 

The HWC accepts all native seabirds, shorebirds, waterbirds, birds of prey, forest birds and the Hawaiian hoary bat.  Of the 70+ taxa we care for, 90% are federally threatened, endangered, or of high conservation concern.  For a list of accepted species visit our Native Species page.

If you have found a bird or bat and need assistance, please click here. Please note that we do not accept introduced, nonnative, exotic, domestic, or agricultural animals.

The Hawai‘i Wildlife Center serves all Hawaiian Islands. For more information about our wildlife care services, please feel free to contact us.

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