Come and Explore!

Come and Explore!

The Ho‘opūlama Science and Discovery Center is an interactive space at the Hawai‘i Wildlife Center that highlights native wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, biology, and wildlife medicine. Learn about the story of the Hawai‘i Wildlife Center and the complex process of wildlife rehabilitation – including intake exams, stabilization, diet preparation, physical therapy, and decontamination. Explore the exhibit wall and its interactive touchscreen monitor with patient photos, videos, and a virtual tour of the Hawai‘i Wildlife Center wildlife hospital. Get up close to Hawaiian honeycreeper sculptures by master craftsman Haruo Uchiyama to observe the diversity of Hawaii’s forest birds. Try your hand at being a veterinarian and diagnosing patient cases as well as testing your native and nonnative species knowledge at the Ho‘opūlama Science and Discovery Center’s exhibit carts. Take a walk through the native garden. Shop a variety of bird and bat-themed items from local artists as well as Hawaii Wildlife Center logo gear at our retail store.

Please note that our hospital patients are wild and therefore not on display to the public. However, the HWC wildlife hospital uses patient cameras and our staff members enjoy sharing the video feed as well as patient stories with visitors. Be sure to ask what patients are in house when you visit! 


Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday
Retail store closes for lunch. Exhibits remain open. Due to limited staffing, hours may change without notice

Individual Admission: Free. Donations are welcomed.
The Center welcomes all ages and is family-friendly. Exhibits are self-guided. If you are interested in bringing a group, please contact us and let us know in advance. Groups are encouraged to support the HWC exhibits and wildlife hospital through either a cash donation or a donation of supplies like blue Dawn soap, paper towels, toilet paper, medium nitrile gloves, garden gloves, printer paper, sheets and towels (preferably white), contractor trash bags, scrub brushes, sponges, environmentally friendly HE laundry detergent, simple green disinfectant, bleach, craft clay and art supplies. More wishlist items can be viewed here. Mahalo nui!


Education Programs

HWC staff-led education programs are available on a case-by-case basis depending on staff availability. Self-guided education programs are encouraged.

If you would like additional resources for your self-guided program, HWC offers a 13-page companion workbook with questions for each exhibit that guide students through the Science and Discovery Center. The current workbook is best for grades 6 through 12. Elementary and college level workbooks are still in development.

Please contact for education program pricing if you are interested in scheduling a group visit, setting up an education program, or purchasing the companion workbook PDF. All contributions made for education programs help further our education and wildlife conservation efforts.

If you would like to help grow our native wildlife education programs, please consider making a donation today!