Moving from Construction to Operations: Reflections on a Journey

With wildlife care already underway and our programs beginning to develop and expand, it is important to reflect on where we came from and the journey that has led to where we are today. As we soar from a construction project to a fully operational organization, we want to acknowledge and celebrate all of our founding donors who have stuck by us from the very beginning. We are excited to welcome our founding donors to the HWC Donor Wall, where they will become a permanent part of the building and organization they helped create. The Donor Wall is currently being developed and will hopefully be installed soon.

HWC President, Center Director and Founder Linda Elliott has done an amazing job of turning her passion and expertise into an organization that serves the wonderfully unique native wildlife we have in our islands. Since the HWC Grand Opening, she has expanded the HWC staff to include equally passionate, professional and experienced individuals and we’re all re ready to hit the ground running to save our native animals. So what’s next? Now that animal care has begun, project Ho‘opūlama is now a top priority. Ho‘opūlama, the development of our public space, means “to cherish” or “to save” and will feature interactive exhibits and displays that will become the heart of the HWC. If you have visited us in the past, you have probably noticed that our education pavilion and visitor’s lanai was empty. It will hopefully not be that way for very much longer!

To all our supporters, we are truly appreciative of everything you have put forth to help create Hawai‘i’s first and only state-of-the-art rescue, rehabilitation, research and education facility exclusively for and about native animals. It has been a fulfilling journey to where we are now, but we are nowhere near done. Mahalo to everyone and we hope you will stay close to us as we continue to grow!

HWC Through the Years