Wildlife Care Begins at HWC!

After years of planning, design, development and construction, the HWC is proud to announce that wildlife intake has officially begun at our brand-new, state-of-the-art native wildlife treatment facility.  Our first patient is a young Red-footed Booby from Kaua‘i and getting it to the HWC facility was a great collaborative effort between DOFAW Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i and Honolulu district offices, Kaua‘i Humane Society Save our Shearwaters Program, Hawaiian Airlines, Department of Agriculture and HWC staff.  Not only does this bird represent a great step forward for native wildlife care, it also sets the stage for further collaborations that will benefit native Hawaiian wildlife.  A special thanks to Tracy Anderson, Marilou Knight, Bongo Lee, Scott Fretz, Thomas Kaiakapu, and Dr. Joanne Woltman. If you would like to donate towards the care of sick and injured native birds like this youngster, please click on “Your Support” in the sidebar!

This is a huge milestone for HWC and your support was a big part in helping us get here.  We really appreciate all the donations, words of encouragement, love and support that poured in since this project started in 2004.  We are making a big difference together and we hope you are as excited about what we’re doing for wildlife care and rehabilitation in Hawai‘i as we are!

Update: Our first patient is doing remarkably well and has been moved to the seabird recovery aviary to strengthen its muscles.  Here’s a video of it checking out its new surroundings!